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the order of the flaming sugarbaker's

The local Chapter here in Atlanta, The Order of The Flaming Sugarbaker’s, became an Aspirant House in October of 2009. Our community debut was Atlanta Pride. That weekend we held our first fundraiser at Mary's for Atlanta Youth Pride. Since this time, Sister’s have made numerous contributions within our community. We have become more widely known and have created a wonderful rapport with the community we serve.

our ministries


The Fledgling order gathers and starts to do community service. The first members join the house, Sister Sissy SweetTea, Sister Prissy Go Lightly, Sister Ursula Polari, and Guard Master Mark. They went out on the town and painted the streets with sister glitter as they ministered condoms and promoted health awareness. The Sisters helped raise $4,200 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation by playing in the Bats-n-Rouge softball fundraiser at Piedmont Park. Other members join as they bring glitter and love to the community. Sister Chiqi-Eata Banenea, Sister Dixie Normus, Sister B”Yonda Cloud, Sister Della Catessen, Guard Snuffle Upugus, and Novice Sister Polly  Habanero soon join the ranks and the group grows as they Promulgate Joy and expiate Stigmatic guilt.

Summer saw Bingo at Frogs hosted by Sister Ivanna Pocahotass,

and a protest rally by the sisters against (NOM), who where here

to promulgate their hate towards marriage equality. October 2nd, 

Sister Gunza Blazin holds our first Candle Light Vigil for a rash of

teen suicides that plagued the nation. Later that month at Atlanta

Pride 2010, The Sisters marched, leading the parade. Sister Ella Mae Swallow becomes our first sister stalker and starts her  lengthy aspirant process. Sisters recycle their pride float and enter the Little Five Points Halloween Parade, wherein the float receives first place honors! The Sisters cheer for runners and walkers at the Atlanta Aids Run/Walk. November saw Sister Ursula Polari  complete her novice project as the Sisters pranced and gave safety packages throughout town.

December was joyous as the sisters are asked to help all over

town. The Toy Party was no exception and the Sisters collected 

toys for hours on end. We wrapped up the year with a condom ministry to promote the safety of this glorious occasion.


The year started on a great note, but soon the snow fell, disabling Atlanta, and the first health fair gets postponed. Yet they persisted! The Sisters, led by Sister Chiqi-Eata Banenea and Guard Snuffle Upugus, joined with the Atlanta Radical Faeries to throw the first Valentines Day Annual 

Intergalactic Love Affair (A Cosmic Ball), later known as IGLA. Overall, 

$4,600 was raised for Atlanta Youth Pride. Sister Prissy Go Lightly was 

finally able to throw the first New Years Community Health and Safety

Fair, and many organizations joined to bring healthy knowledge to the 

community. Sister Ursula Polari becomes Church Lady and puts on the 

first Sister yard sale. Sister Chiqi-Eata Banenea brings her novice project to life as she highlights local artists in Sacred HeArts.

On April 22nd, 2011, we mourned the passing of our first member, 

Novice Sister Della Catessen, who is made an Honorary Member and

posthumously gifted a Black Veile at our Exequator. On the topic of         Exequators, Sister Gunza Blazin and Sister Dixie Normous host the Atlanta Sisters Exequator in May. This is a fabulous time for celebration wherein the Mission House is elevated to a Fully Professed House after completing all of their arduous labor, and granted the title of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Here is a little excerpt from Fenuxe Magazine: “Since their immaculate inception, the Atlanta Sisters have raised money and brought awareness to causes like: Jerusalem House, Stand Up for Kids, M.I.S.T.E.R and the Phillip Rush Center. Their largest event to date was something they called “Intergalactic Love Affair”. This event raised $4,600, which was handed over to Youth Pride. The Sisters have also been able to provide grants to both M.I.S.T.E.R and the Phillip Rush Center. Not bad for an organization just a little over 2 years old.” 

In July, Sister B’Yonda Cloud brightens up the stage with her novice project, Sister’s Stars & Stages. In August she also starts Sister Nights at Woof’s, where she is the host to this day, every first Thursday of the month. This event has helped countless numbers of people and organizations.


This year kicks off with a little devil wearing red as Sister Dixie Normous brings Red Dress to Atlanta! Sister Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon (we couldn't resist), Guard Bent O. Ver, and Novice Sister Night Shadow join the convent. IGLA appears for the second year and the Sisters and Faeries raise their largest amount for charity to date, over $8,800! The Health Initiative presented the Healing Angel Award to the Atlanta Sisters. Sister Rapture Divine Cox saw a huge need in our community, amongst other members of the community, and called for a public LGBTQ+ town Hall meeting. She invited local homeless youth support agencies to express outrage and determine what resources existed. The meeting made clear that no organization was specifically, actively working to take LGBTQ+ homeless youth off the streets. Sister Rapture, and others, assembled in November with the support of the Sisters to establish a privately funded emergency shelter, and Saint Lost and Found project (now Lost-n-Found Youth, Inc) was born.

The Atlanta Sisters were nominated as GA Voice’s 2012 “People of the Year.” They  highlighted our organization and our fundraising efforts in their final issue of the year. Each of our events, which rely on your support, grows larger with each and every appearance. We love each of you and yearn to see you at our future events! Come out and sashay with the Sisters!

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