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those who came before

this page is dedicated to previous members who helped pioneer the way for the atlanta sister house. these members have gone on sabbatical, transferred, or retired from service.


once a sister, always a sister!

Guard Chuckles

Guard Hanz Auf Derkock

Guard Prissy Go Lightly

sister areola nipslip

sister letha weapons

Sister Karma Chameleon

Sister Dixie Normous
Sister GlitterAnn B. Gay

sister konnie chiwaa

Sister Ginger Bred Man

Sister Ella Mae Swallow

Sister Chiqi-eata banenea

Guard Snuffle Upagus

Sister Fiddle D. Dee
Sister Spanka De Boys

nuns of the above

Sister Della Catessen-
Novice Sister Flora Bortion-Novice Guard Papparazzi-Guard Master mark


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